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Event Management

Organizing and designing an event requires expert knowledge and with our full range of specialist services we can deliver any style event. Our fantastic event organisers have the know-how to bring about the best results whatever the occasion demands.

Creating personalized events in its totality is our specialty.
We cover live events and digital experiences of meetings and conferences, congress & association. (We can help you live stream your event on both TV and internet).

Solution we provide are:
  • 1. Event planning.
  • 2. Destination and venue sourcing.
  • 3. Customized event website creation.
  • 4. Content management including program development and publishing (banner, brochure, catalogue, etc.)
  • 5. Audio & video production including live streaming.
  • 6. Online registration and delegate management.
  • 7. Exhibition management including floor planning & booking.
  • 8. On-site operations including registration, badges and networking
  • 9. Risk assessment & crisis management.

Outreach and making the right first impression is the short answer.


Costs depend on various factors. We will work with you to maximise your budget. Once we have assessed your requirements we will compile a fair, cost effective estimate. We all know about ROI (Return on Investment) and how important it is to the success of a business, so our estimate will be based on what we think is the most efficient way to execute your project. Clients are often surprised about how much they can get for their money.