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HR Support

We will work with you to resolve all your HR issues by providing practical and effective HR support and guidance.

Absence Management

We can help you support implementing practical, legally compliant absence management to address any employee absence issues.
We can either guide you through the absence management process or you can hand the entire absence issue over to us and we will investigate and hear the matter on your behalf.

  • 1. Guidance from senior HR professional regarding any legal considerations in relation to the particular situation.
  • 2. A clear thought-out action plan.
  • 3. Support in preparing for dialogues that can be sensitive and challenging.

We can provide these services onsite, offsite (by phone and email) or a mix of both. Read More →

Managing employee absence can be one of the delicate situations to deal with. You want to demonstrate compassion and understanding but you have a business to run. How do you deal with situations where you have reasons to believe the employee absence is not genuine? What about lots of odd days of sickness? Then there is sickness when people were on holiday.

And then there is different types of “absence”. What about absence caused by train delays or bad weather? It can be very tempting to ignore the problem and hope it resolves itself and actually, sometimes a wait and see strategy is the right one. But you can reach a point where you feel that something needs to be done NOW. We can help you.

Employee absence can be a very emotive subject that requires sensitive handling. As we said, absence can be caused by a range of different reasons and we can help you deal with problem absence no matter what the cause. Getting guidance on absence is usually advisable as there are a number of employment laws that touch on this area. There is absence linked to disability, absence linked to pregnancy and absence when someone is on holiday that all have special rules associated with them.

The first thing we will do is talk through the situation with you. And understand the problem that you are trying to address. The aim is to see if there are any specific employment laws you need to be considering. Or any internal policies you have that may put some constraints around what you are and are not able to do.

We will then help you to come up with a plan to move you forward. We can be there every step of the way and help you to prepare for challenging conversations and make sure you have the documentation in place that you need.
We can also take a look at your absence policy to ensure it mitigate any future problems.

Our services are from:
  • 1. £55 per hour for offsite support (phone and emails).
  • 2. £95 per hour for onsite work depending on the work required.

We will speak with you to understand the situation you are looking to manage and the level of support you require. We will then give you an estimate of the number of hours we expect the matter to take.

We will agree any work before it is performed and keep you updated on the costs as they accrue.

Note: For new clients, we may request a 50% of the fees up front.