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HR Support

We will work with you to resolve all your HR issues by providing practical and effective HR support and guidance.

Terminating Employment

We will support you with any terminating employment, mitigating any potential risks in often challenging circumstances.
And will endeavour to provide you with support and guidance to ensure the correct employment termination procedure is followed to minimise your risk.
We can provide you with detailed direction on the most suitable process for your particular scenario or even manage the entire process for you.

  • 1. Support from expert HR professional who has experience in terminating employment.
  • 2. Confidence you are adhering to legal process.
  • 3. A practical approach that gets you best outcome, with minimum risk.

We can provide these services onsite, offsite (by phone and emails) or a mix of both. Read More →

Awkwardly, sometimes relationships come to an end and employment relationships are no different.

Businesses can be faced with a need to terminate employment due to anything from consistent poor performance to a serious breach of rules and policies. Terminating employment may be required during the probationary period or after many years of service.

Whether as an employer you have started, or intend to start, conversation with an employee about terminating employment, we can help you through this process.

We understand that terminating employment can be both emotional and daunting process. Apart from adhering to strict legal process to void the risk of litigation, one is also apprehension about starting the conversation in the first place.

If employee is at wrong the process of termination may be easier in legal terms. But when the situation is that the individual just is not right for the business any longer then it can be extremely challenging.

We have experience in handling termination in a varied of scenarios. We believe in investing time in defining consistent and fair practices for the benefit of both employee and employer. We strive to deliver a process that is fair and as amicable as possible.

Firstly we'll talk to you about what's been going on. We will endeavour to understand the situation that you are trying to handle and your desired outcome. The guidance that we offer is practical and fair. We will make sure you understand the real risk that you're facing with termination of the employee and then we'll talk you through the steps that you need to follow. We can provide you with scripts and the necessary letters or we can take care of the matter for you.

Please remember that there is never a guarantee that an employee will not bring a tribunal claim (unless the termination is managed by a Settlement Agreement). We can support you to ensure that you meet your statutory responsibilities as an employer to ensure you follow a sound process and reach a fair decision. We can make sure you have done all the right things with your process and minimise your risk.

Our services are from:
  • 1. £55 per hour for offsite support (phone and emails).
  • 2. £95 per hour for onsite work depending on the work required.

We will speak with you to understand the situation you are looking to manage and the level of support you require. We will then give you an estimate of the number of hours we expect the matter to take.

We will agree any work before it is performed and keep you updated on the costs as they accrue.

Note: For new clients, we may request a 50% of the fees up front.